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                Message from All Members of the HR Department of Palm Design

                To all talents of different industries:

                Currently, Palm Design is undergoing rapid yet stable development among the overall development trend of the industry. Therefore, we would to invite such talented individuals to join us. Given that Palm Design is entering periodical development, our HR Department has to ensure the latest recruitment information is published according to our business development needs. With reasonable and effective management, we also must screen the massive amount of capable applicants (and their CVs) meticulously. An evaluation will be carried out strictly in accordance to our recruitment procedures to ensure a fair, open and just recruitment of Palm Design, which will provide a long-lasting effect over talents of our age at all levels. Again, thank you for your concern and support. With you at our side, Palm Design will continue to march forward.

                If you want to be a member of Palm Design, please send your CV to: palm_recruiment@palm-la.com.

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