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                About Us

                Palm Design Co. Ltd. is a wholly-funded subsidiary of Palm Landscape Architecture Co. Ltd., of which predecessor is Palm Landscape Planning and Design Institute, established in 2002. In order to adapt to the trends in urbanization and industrial integration, Palm Design has expanded its business layout gradually and has formed the P-A-L-M business platform, which integrates planning, architecture, landscape and management of resources.

                By leveraging on a one-stop P-A-L-M service platform with a full industrial chain, Palm Design provides clients with a one-stop design integration service, from land consulting, regional economic planning, urban planning, building and landscaping, to implementation. Its service scope covers regional economic planning, urban planning, architectural design, landscape planning and design, tourism planning, industrial research, land development, land planning, in-depth design, technical management and many other business segments. The unique one-stop P-A-L-M full industrial chain has connected its design seamlessly in both horizontal and vertical directions, thus improving operational efficiency for projects. Palm Design enhances and maximizes the value of land from multiple dimensions with a uniform interface.

                One-stop P-A-L-M Service Platform

                P is for Planning: This is devoted to sorting out the relationship between land utilization, traffic flow lines and open space by combining culture, geography, ecological environment, traffic conditions, etc., from a macro-strategic point of view. Hence, this lays a solid foundation for creating an amiable place for working and living. The main business covers regional economic planning, urban planning, industrial planning, tourism planning, ecological restoration, old town reconstruction, and waterfront development, and so on.

                A is for Architecture: This is devoted to promoting low-carbon, energy-efficient, and environmental-friendly architectural design to improve the usage level and management of architecture; enhance the internal and external environment and the overall image of architecture; and optimize our living quality. The main business covers residential building, office building, business building, hotel building, urban complex building, cultural center and school building, industrial park building, and so on.

                L is for Landscape: This is devoted to extending the function and vigor of landscapes by low-carbon, energy-efficient and environmental-friendly new materials and plants that have an integrated ecology, culture and art, which stem from the spirit of the venue and blend the ecological environment and cultural qualities with the design. The main business scope covers urban public landscapes, community environment planning and design, tourism and resort landscapes, ecological landscapes and planning, golf landscapes, landscape restoration of ancient villages, hospital landscapes, and so on.

                M is for Management of Resources: This is a top "green" supply platform for "smart" cities. It integrates low-carbon economic services that are devoted to integrating resources for urbanization, establishing a complete, global design and alliance resource management platform, constructing a platform for resource integration and optimization, and providing a one-stop construction service for clients.

                Philosophy and Mission

                By upholding its people-oriented design philosophy and taking design as an approach to protect and improve the living environment, Palm Design places social responsibility on every designer. Its designers should not only improve the environment substantially, but also create venues to cater to one's deepest desires. By relying on the common principle of design, Palm Design wishes to improve the living environment as much as possible. It also wishes to discover a sustainable way to carry out environmental development and design by consuming the least amount of resources, causing the slightest amount of destruction and using the smallest amount of effort. This is so it can cope with an increasingly complicated environment. Through better designs and a capacity for restoration, it revives and provides landscapes with their maximal value. Through design, it offers the venue a mental perception, thus arousing collective memories and creating a strong sense of resonance about the venue. Finally, through the construction of the living environment, it improves a sense of happiness within the community and social productivity.


                BELT COLLINS

                BELT COLLINS International (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd. was established in 1986. By relying on the principle of innovative aesthetics, it enhances the value of properties to benefit clients and developers with timeless designs. Its service scope covers environment planning and design, project planning, engineering review, etc.

                G. & G. HAUSER GOLF & LANDSCAPE

                G. & G. HAUSER GOLF & LANDSCAPE is a family business with nearly one hundred years of history. Being one of the most famous golf course design companies in Europe, it has been engaging in the golf business for four decades. It has not only accumulated rich golf course design experience, but also has developed a means for the mature design of special environments. In addition, it is excellent at designing classic golf courses. The company won Austria's "Outstanding Enterprise Award".

                Moreover, it has accepted many challenges to design golf courses with special environments, such as multiple high-mountain projects in the Alps, projects in the Spanish Islands with strong winds and scarce water, and a nine-hole golf course in a junkyard in Vienna, which are considered paradigms for European countries.

                Hochholdinger Knauer Engl (Vienna, Austria)

                Hochholdinger Knauer Engl Founded in Vienna Austria in 1989, Hochholdinger Knauer Engl (HKL for short) was established by several world-leading architects, namely, Franz Knauer, Gabriele Hochholdinger and Josef Engl. The company mainly engages in architecture design, including designs for office buildings, shopping malls, educational institutions, exhibition halls and villas, as well as interior designs and furnishing designs with a unique and concise style. Its business covers all of Europe as well as China and Japan in Asia. Currently, HKL, which provides necessary support to resource integration platform of Palm Design, is an alliance of Palm Design.

                • Dr. Zhang Wenying

                  Vice President of Palm Landscape Co. Ltd.
                  Board Chairman of Palm Design Co. Ltd.

                • Xin Qi

                  Vice President of Palm Landscape Co. Ltd.
                  Visiting Professor of Beijing Forestry University

                • Xu Hualin

                  President of Palm Design Co. Ltd.
                  Member of the American Society of Landscape Design

                • Deng Daiming

                  Executive Vice President of Palm Design Co. Ltd.

                • Huang Zhigang

                  Vice President of Palm Design Co. Ltd.

                • Cheng Qingwen

                  Vice President of Palm Design Co. Ltd.

                • Huang Xubo

                  Vice President of Palm Design Co. Ltd.

                • Gabriele Hochholdinger-Knauer

                  Senior (Foreign) Golf and Landscape Designer

                • Franz Knauer

                  Senior (Foreign) Architecture Designer

                • Gunther Hauser

                  Senior (Foreign) Golf and Landscape Designer

                • Gerold Hauser

                  Senior (Foreign) Golf and Landscape Designer

                • Josef Engl

                  Senior Architect

                Multi-field integration and operation generates an extensive and profound industrial chain, enabling integrated design and engineering

                All-round project management skills, outstanding cost control, efficient on-site service and excellent implementation of solutions

                Many years of local design experience with over 1,000 outstanding projects

                Cooperation with top international design institutes that truly boost designs to an international level

                Urban Public Landscapes
                Planning and design of parks (municipal parks, theme parks, special parks, etc.)
                Planning and design of commercial buildings (commercial plazas, commercial streets, etc.)
                Design of plazas (public cultural plazas, etc.)
                Planning and design of roads (highway, landscaped roads, etc.)
                Planning and Design of Ecological Landscapes
                Planning and design of ecological rivers
                Planning and design of ecological tourist parks
                Planning and design of scenic spots
                Community Living Environment Landscapes
                Residential areas in mountains
                Waterfront residential areas
                Park residential areas
                Commercial residential areas
                Residential areas in tourist areas
                Golf Design
                Golf Courses and Landscape Design
                Resorts and Tourist Area Landscapes
                Planning and design of resorts
                Development of unique urban resorts
                Planning and design to promote scenic areas
                Planning and design of vacation resorts
                Planning and design of scenic agricultural landscapes
                Planning and Design of Other Special Types of Landscapes
                Hospital landscapes
                Campus landscapes
                Landscapes in business zones
                Landscapes in science and technology industrial parks and creative art parks
                Landscape repair and reconstruction of ancient villages
                Landscape reconstruction of urban villages

                Key component of the PALM mode as well as powerful cooperation for planning and building

                Devoted to low-carbon, energy-efficient and environmental-friendly building

                A design team with an innovative spirit and perfect coverage on all professions

                Urban Planning
                Community planning
                Park planning
                Campus planning
                Industry and technology park planning
                Urban design and research
                New town development
                Old town reconstruction and enhancement
                Waterfront development
                Architectural Design
                Residential building
                Office building
                Hotel building
                Urban complex building
                Cultural center and school building
                Industrial park building

                Key component of the PALM mode as well as powerful cooperation for planning and building

                Devoted to low-carbon, energy-efficient and environmental-friendly building

                A design team with an innovative spirit and perfect coverage on all professions

                Regional Economic Planning
                Comprehensive evaluation of natural conditions and land resources
                Analysis of social and economic status as well as prospect forecast
                Target and task analysis of regional development and governance
                Size, layout and steps of natural resources
                Economic Planning
                Analysis of regional development strategy
                Feasibility study of development
                Analysis of feasibility of resource management
                Market analysis of projects
                Suggestions based on project type
                Project development and construction strategy
                Analysis of investment and return
                Tourism Planning
                Overall planning of tourist areas
                Detail planning of tourist areas
                Planning of programs for tourist areas
                Study on tourism area development
                Tourism marketing and management
                Tourism real estate planning and consulting
                Ecological Planning
                Regional ecological planning
                Urban environmental planning
                GIS evaluation of ecological resources
                Protection of cultural heritage
                Comprehensive utilization of wetland system and water resources
                Industrial Planning
                Regional industrial planning
                Special industrial planning
                Industrial park planning
                Old Town Reconstruction
                Reconstruction of old CBD
                Reconstruction of old historical and cultural areas
                Reconstruction of mixed residential areas in old towns
                Reconstruction of fringe areas in old towns
                Reconstruction of intensive industrial areas in old towns
                Waterfront Development

                One-stop urbanization operation and management with a seamless connection to different professions

                Top "green" supply platform for "smart" cities and integration of low-carbon economic services

                Global vision, cooperation with high-end partners, utilization of mutual advantages and creation of a classic

                . . . . . .


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